Do you have FAQ?
Yes, we do.

Where can I buy Local Heroes clothes?
You can buy all of the available stuff on our website (www.localheroesstore.com) or at the shops that are listed in the STOCKISTS section.

Are you shipping to other countries than Poland?
YES, we do. We ship worldwide.

How much time do I have to pay for my order?
Five working days. After this time your order will be cancelled and the item you ordered will be back at our store.

How long do I have to wait for my order?
Usually all international orders take 5-14 working days to arrive.

I made my order twice- what do I do?
Just drop us an e-mail to info@localheroesstore.com and ask to cancel one of the orders. Make sure to include your name and number of the order that you want cancelled.

What is your returns policy?
If you want to return something that is completely fine with us! You have 14 days to return your stuff or exchange it for a different size. Stuff that you return must be unworn and without any fault, also please include the receipt when your returning your order. It’s also good to drop us an e-mail to info@localheroesstore.com and explain what was wrong with your order.

our return address:
Green Logistics - Local Heroes
ul. Łubińska 14
hala A
05-532 Łubna

Who pays for the return delivery?
The person that is returning the stuff.

I placed an order however got no info on my e-mail, what happened?
If the order was placed correctly you should receive an e-mail with confirmation and order number. If you don’t get such e-mail please contact info@localheroesstore.com

How do I contact you guys?
There are several ways you can contact us.

General information, sizing:

Delivery and orders:



How do I sign up to a newsletter? Is it worth it?
It’s definitely worth it! You can sign up on our front page, there’s a special box for it. With the newsletter you get info about our upcoming collections, special deals and promo codes and much more!

Are you looking for promoters/collaborators?
We’re always looking for cool and passionate people to join the Local Heroes Team so if you think you’re that kinda person just drop us a message!

Do you do re-stocks?
Yeah, we do! The easiest way to get informed about a re-stock is to click on the size that is not available and put down your e-mail. We’ll e-mail you when the item is back in stock!

Are your clothes unisex?
We try to make our clothes so they fit both girls and boys but it’s worth to check the size guide before you buy anything!